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5 Considerations When Installing Covid-19 Screens

There’s no denying that companies the world over are feeling the consequences of Covid-19. In the aftermath of the global pandemic, many businesses are having to adapt to keep their staff and customers safe.

A common new addition is the installation of Covid-19 screens. These screens or sneeze guards are made of perspex and minimise the transferral of germs between people.

If your business requires significant interaction between people, you might be considering installing some of your own Covid-19 screens. Here are 5 things you should consider to ensure you get the right screens for your business.
1. Requirements of your business
Firstly, …

5 Storage Hacks that will Transform your Wardrobe

Wardrobes Sydney

There aren’t many things more satisfying than a tidy wardrobe. Neat rows of jackets, drawers logically filled and shoes all in their place. While it’s great while it lasts, the challenge is keeping it this way. Wardrobes have a way of getting out of control, with clothing items falling haphazardly from coat hangers and shoes scattered across the floor.

We have five storage hacks that will help you to address this problem, transforming your wardrobe into a neat and functional space. Whether you have a hinged wardrobe or a sliding one, you’ll …

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