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6 Out Of The Box Ways To Use Your Extra Wardrobe Storage Space

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There is nothing as important as having storage space in your home. You can never have enough of it, that is for sure. So when you have built-in wardrobes in your home, then it’s a bonus. 

But sometimes, you can find yourself with too much storage space. And if this is the case, count yourself lucky as there are several ways you can make use of this space. 

Let’s look at some ideas you would have never thought of. 

Create a mini-bar

That extra wardrobe space can become your mini-bar. This is perfect for those nights you feel like staying in and watching TV in your room. You can set it up nicely and add colours that suit your personality. Easily transform it into a snack bar, a drinks bar, or both. This means you won’t have to make your way down to the kitchen to nibble on a snack when you need one.

Create a wardrobe dresser

There are times when you have to share a bathroom, which can become a problem if the vanity is not big enough. Or you like some extra time to do your make-up. This means you need a vanity station just for you. To create a wardrobe dresser, add a mirror at the back of your wardrobe and a shelf to neatly store your possessions.

Create a mini workstation

There are times when you need to get out of bed and send a quick email. So why not create a mini workstation in your wardrobe. If you have a sliding wardrobe, you can keep a chair in the corner and pull it out when you need to get comfortable and do some work. 

Create a reading corner

When you live in a home with a lot of noise, there are times you want to grab a book and escape. You need your own private space to do this with no fuss. You can create a little reading spot for yourself for some quiet time by simply grabbing some comfy pillows and a blanket to make it cozy, and even some fairy lights and decorations. 

Create a hobbies space

Love to craft? Then make use of your extra wardrobe space as a craft or hobby corner. You can add a little table and chair to allow you to sit and be creative. For organisation, get some small baskets as storage for your craft tools. You can use the space to paint, do beading, needlework, and scrapbooking.

Create a memorabilia corner

Sometimes when people travel, they like to collect things that will remind them of their journey. Others will keep special mementos to mark a particular event in their lives. You can use your extra wardrobe space to create a corner for your memories. While at it, make it colourful and fun.


Do not let the extra storage space in your wardrobe go to waste. There are lots of great and fun ideas that you can come up with to make your wardrobe storage space work for you. Get in touch with Betta Wardrobes today to find your perfect wardrobe and get creative with your extra space!

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