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How To Clear The Clutter And Maximise The Serenity In Your Home

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Your home is where you often escape the anxiety of everyday life and work stresses. Therefore, the space must be calming and serene enough to help you de-stress after a long day. Keeping a home clean and orderly every day can be a challenging task. 

Besides making a room look smaller and messy, clutter around the home can increase stress levels. Below are a few tips on organising your home and ensuring the space provides peace. Cleaning and arranging the clutter also helps you clear your mind.

Are there mental benefits of a clean and clear home?

Yes. A home that is clean and clear is peaceful. The clutter around the house can make it difficult to enjoy the space, especially if it gets in the way of daily activities. Studies show that there is a relationship between mental health and clutter. 

For instance, clutter can make you dislike a particular room as you find it dull and uninviting. Additionally, you may feel anxious and overwhelmed about the state of your house and the effort required to clean it up. Trying to find ways to manoeuvre around the clutter will distract you from the important things you need to do.

If finding a favourite blouse or shirt is impossible due to unorganised piles of clothes, then you need to tidy up. Make the time to go through every room and start organising. The activity is physically rewarding and also relaxes your mind. You will find joy in creating order and enjoying the now clear and serene space.

Tips for dealing with general clutter in your home

General clutter in your house may include clothing, toys, and other household items. It can be valuable items that you use every day that need to be stored away correctly. Sometimes it refers to multiple items you have collected over the years and no longer require, like clothing your family has outgrown. 

Besides giving away anything you no longer need, you can transform your home into a clutter-free and serene space in various ways. They include:

  • Install cabinets in your home office 

If you can, separate your home office from your living space to help boost your wellbeing and create separation from work. Install a custom-fit home office fitout to ensure it functions as you need. If you do not have an extra room, transform an available corner into a clean office desk by installing a built-in cabinet.

Ensure there are enough drawers to store all your accessories and office supplies. The space should make your working hours simple and relaxing.

  • Install built-in wardrobes in the bedrooms

Have a reliable installer build custom bedroom wardrobes to assist in clearing most of your surfaces. The wardrobes can have as many shelves or hanging rails as you require, depending on the available space. Bring natural light into a small room by selecting mirror wardrobes with easy sliding doors.

  • Find moveable shelving for your living space

Add movable shelves to your existing cabinets to de-clutter your living room. Alternatively, purchase simple yet stylish storage units that take up little space if you do not have extra space.

  • Purchase furniture with extra storage

Nowadays, beds, sofas, coffee tables, and footstools come with underneath storage space. They are beautiful yet practical furniture solutions that can help you organise your home. You can throw in that extra pillow or blanket when needed. Additionally, store away your phone chargers and remote controls in the drawer beneath your coffee table.

  • De-clutter your bathroom

Adding an under-the-sink cabinet in your bathroom provides extra storage for toiletries and other necessities. You can also add an over-the-door organiser if your bathroom needs extra space. The pockets are handy if you require somewhere to store an extra pair of shoes or more toilet paper. 

  • Use different material baskets

Purchase small baskets that you can use to organise kids’ toys in the closets. Alternatively, you can fold socks or underwear into them to save space. Place them on the shelves to reduce clutter, especially if your wardrobes are open. Similarly, they can help reduce the mess in your kitchen pantry and organise your food supplies better.

The importance of custom storage and built-in wardrobes

There are various reasons why installing custom storage and built-in wardrobes in your home is essential. They include:

  • To maintain proper home organisation

Keeping clutter away is only possible if you have enough storage space. Custom wardrobes will be helpful as you can store your out-of-season clothes until you need them. You can also arrange your clothes in order, making access easy, and use hanging rails and shelves for neat storage.

  • To add storage space

Whether you live in a small, simple minimalist home or a large spacious house, you will need storage space. Sliding wardrobes with mirrors are ideal for small spaces, while hinged wardrobes fit well in good size rooms. Work with what fits into your home to enjoy the benefits of sufficient storage space.

  • Adds value to your home 

Built-in wardrobes are custom-made to fit different homes and rooms. These installations add a sleek and elegant look. Home buyers always look out for attractive features in the house, and ultra-modern storage solutions are a must-have. A fitted wardrobe increases your house’s value, and the tidy feel will attract more buyers.

  • To keep your home clutter-free

Instead of piling your coats on one hook near your doorway, hang them neatly in a custom wardrobe. Your house will not only look clean, but the atmosphere will also be peaceful. Enjoy wearing wrinkle-free clothes straight from your neat closet.  


Although it can be plenty of work, a clean and organised home is possible. Once you clear the clutter, you will maximise the space available. Start by creating sufficient storage space by installing appropriate storage cabinets and wardrobes.

Contact Betta Wardrobes for storage ideas and solutions, whether home office cabinets or custom built-in wardrobes. Our products are made of quality materials and will help keep the home tidy-up simple.

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