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How to Store and Organise Your Summer Clothes During Winter

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There are several reasons for keeping your wardrobe organised. For example, doing so makes your bedroom tidier, you can become more organised, and it reduces the time needed to find the right outfit for an occasion. In addition, good organisation ensures that your winter outfits don’t mix with your summer wear.

Keeping your wardrobe organised allows you to identify treasured pieces that need extra care and out-of-style clothes that need disposal. Follow the tips below to help you organise and store your summer clothes during winter.

Sort Your Outfits

Before anything, empty your sliding wardrobe, hinged wardrobe or custom wardrobe, and sort out your clothes according to type and season. Next, group your t-shirts, shorts, and other light outfits, then find your heavy garments and place them separately. Since winter is nearing, it would be best to store these heavy clothes in an easily accessible spot, preferably close to your closet’s doors.

Sorting helps you identify clothes that are out of fashion, damaged, or no longer fit. You can discard the damaged garments as trash. If some outfits are obsolete or no longer fit, donate them to a local charity.

Clean and Dry Your Summer Clothes

Dirty clothes are the ideal breeding ground for bacteria. For this reason, it’s wise to clean and dry your summer outfits before storing them for winter.

If appropriate, take the clothes to a dry cleaner. Insist that they don’t starch them to avoid attracting pests. Dry cleaning eliminates dirt and reduces susceptibility to insect infestation. After cleaning, iron your clothes to keep them neat and to destroy moth eggs.

Make Repairs

Inspect your summer clothes before storing them in your closet. Take time to replace missing buttons and mend torn parts. It’s better to repair your clothes as soon as possible, as it’s easy to forget and it will save you time before the next summer arrives.

Remove Unpleasant Odours

Besides dirt, unpleasant odours also attract bacteria. These scents can be tough to remove, even after thorough washing. This problem is prevalent with today’s activewear that is made using absorbent fabrics.

If your clothes are smelly after cleaning, rewash them with a solution containing baking soda. Vinegar is also effective for eliminating stubborn odours without destroying the fabric.

Store Your Clothes

The next step involves storing your clothes. Ideally, it would be best to use a storage container made using cotton or linen. Plastic is cheap, but it doesn’t allow your clothes to breathe. This causes moisture build-up, and this can damage or discolour your outfits.

Ensure that you place your storage container in a clean, cool, and dry space, away from direct sunlight. Please avoid mothballs because they have a strong scent and are harmful to you and your pets. Instead, use cedar or dried lavender to keep your clothes smelling fresh. Lastly, label your storage bins for easy identification when needed.

Wrapping Up

Although it’s a time-consuming process, organising your closet has numerous benefits. You won’t spend much time getting dressed, and your clothes will always be in good shape. Even better, your bedroom will become more spacious due to decluttering.

Get in touch with us at Betta Wardrobes if you are looking for storage solutions and our experts will guide you on what is best for you.

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