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Wardrobe Organisation Tips: How to Navigate the Workday vs. Weekend Closet

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Organising your closet makes it feel like everything is organised in your life. Even if it’s not, it can make you feel euphoric for a while. But it’s easier said than done. Most people would rather go for a walk or binge on movies than sit down and arrange their clothes.

You can procrastinate all you want, but you’ll eventually have to organise your closet. Here are a few useful tips to help you do this seemingly overwhelming task with ease.

Empty and Clean Your Closet

The first step to organising your closet is emptying and cleaning. Remove everything from the closet, including baskets, bins, hangers, hooks, etc. If you usually shove items into your wardrobe, you’re likely to find several things that you have already forgotten about in there.

Once the wardrobe is empty, visualise how you want it to look after re-organisation. Before putting back your items, dust the shelves and mop the floor. If you have a vacuum cleaner, put it to use. Then, wipe everything dry.


The outcome of decluttering is worth looking forward to, but the process itself is cumbersome. Some people don’t like decluttering because it forces them to let go of items they hold in high regard. When removing clutter, prioritise what you’re keeping over what you’re discarding.

Remember that your wardrobe has limited space. Choose the items that still fit and separate them from the rest. You should also identify the irreparable or out of fashion clothes and put them aside to throw out (if it’s broken) or send to a charity shop (if it’s still wearable). What remains is clutter, and you can also donate it or sell it for some cash.

After discarding trash and clutter, revisit the clothes you want to keep. If it fits, portrays your preferences, and you love it, keep it. Otherwise, put it into probation for three months to see if it’ll match your ‘keep it criteria.’ If you still have doubts after the period elapses, it’s probably best to donate or sell the item.

Sort Your Clothes

Now that you have your preferred outfits, separate your formal clothes from casualwear. Instead of hanging everything randomly, you’ll be better off keeping your worktops together, your casual t-shirts together, your jeans together, and so on.

The same applies to your footwear. It’s advisable to arrange them facing you to make it easier to identify the right pair for the day.

The objective of categorising your clothes is to make it easier to dress appropriately for the occasion. When picking an outfit, most people consider the style and occasion rather than the colour.


Nothing is as satisfying as having a well-organised closet. Besides making your bedroom neat, it saves you time when dressing. That said, a bedroom isn’t complete without a wardrobe, which is why you need to contact Betta Wardrobes to have one made for you today!

From built-in wardrobes, fitted wardrobes, sliding wardrobes to mirror wardrobes, Betta wardrobes will guide you on what works best for your space.

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