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Transforming Unused Spaces: Creating a Custom Home Office Nook

Ever since the pandemic, the way the world works has changed. One of the most significant shifts has been the transition to working from home and the sudden increase in home offices. Employees now expect to be able to work from anywhere their laptops go. Our team has seen a huge rise in home offices over the last few years, and we have started to see people delve into home office renovation and create custom office spaces that are suitable for them and their families. 

Home office nooks are all about blending practicality with your lifestyle. Working from home has shown people that you can, in fact, blend the two perfectly together. Here at Betta Wardrobes, we’re all about creating custom solutions. Today, we’re taking a look at how you can transform unused spaces to create a beautiful, bespoke home office nook. 

Why create a home office nook? 

Other than the obvious need for a home office, there are plenty of other reasons why you might consider a small nook for your home.


While at first glance, an office nook might be a one-purpose feature in your home, there’s so much use that you can get out of it. When an office nook is built well, it typically includes a large amount of storage, which is great for a household of any size. In addition, an office nook can be created while kids are young, and they can continue using this as they go through school.

Customised to suit your needs 

Designing a fully personalised office area is how you can make sure your space meets your requirements. For example, if your job requires large plans or blueprints, our team can create a desk that works for these larger sizes. Another great example is customising your home office nook to accommodate cords and charging cables. Our team will create a solution to disguise these all while keeping them organised.  

The steps you need to consider to create a home office nook

If you’re getting serious about creating a home office nook that’s fit for your home, then this is everything you need to consider. 

Talk about your options and decide what type of work it’s going to be used for 

When looking at where to position your home office nook, it’s important to consider all locations. Under the stairs could be a great choice for those with a multi-story home. Aside from the obvious spaces, look for ‘dead space’. These are usually transitional areas within your home that don’t serve a purpose. 

Although an office nook is an investment in your home, you want to be certain of its uses. Determine if it will be a dedicated work-from-home office or a more relaxed admin-style desk. By understanding its purpose, you can distinguish its needs when it comes time to build. 

Create a dedicated workspace 

Once you’ve defined the purpose of your home office nook, then it’s time to create a dedicated workspace. We strongly recommend not having your desk in the bedroom. This can interfere with sleep and make it difficult for those with a partner. You also want to avoid having a home office nook in any busy areas, such as close to the kitchen or front door or near a window looking out onto an active street. Being in a high-traffic area can be a cause for distraction. Instead, having a dedicated workspace that’s organised allows you to be productive and maximises the serenity in your home

Consider lighting

Similar to when you think about lighting for your wardrobe, lighting your home office nook should be a key consideration. For the most part, this is something that people consider as an afterthought. However, lighting is one of the most important elements. If possible, set up your home office nook near a window for natural light. For those who are planning to work after hours, consider task lighting or under cabinet lighting so you don’t disturb others in the home. 

Don’t neglect storage

With every home office, you have to have home office storage. At Betta Wardrobes, we understand how important and crucial it is to get your storage options right. This can be anything from additional drawers, open shelving or floor-to-ceiling cupboards. Storage will depend on other storage options in your home. However, if you’re planning to undergo a home office renovation, then it’s the perfect time to add additional storage. 

Style your office nook

As much as your home office nook is functional and practical, that doesn’t mean it can’t be styled. Many people spend multiple hours a day working, so taking the time to make your area beautiful is worth it. How you style your home office nook is completely up to your personal preference. However, we’ve listed below a few options for styling inspiration. 

  • Plants
  • Photos 
  • Whiteboard or chalkboard
  • Books
  • Motivational quotes 

Final Thoughts 

Your home office nook is a dedicated working space that is fully customised to what you need it for. Embracing your work-from-home office is all about enjoying the space that you are in, and creating a dedicated custom office space is exactly how you can do that. 

If you’re interested in creating a custom home office, then get in touch with our team. Here at Betta Wardrobes, we’ve been trading for 50 years and are highly experienced in wardrobes, home office fit-outs, shower screens and safety screens. Our team is dedicated to creating long-lasting, high-quality products that you and your family can enjoy for years to come. Get in touch with us to see what we can do for you. In the meantime, follow us on social media or read through blogs for the latest insider information.

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