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What is the Best Way to Store Your Extra Towels, Sheets and other Accessories?

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Every person desires an organised linen closet, similar to what you see in an interior décor magazine or blog. However, this isn’t often the case as most wardrobes are disorganised, making it difficult to find a towel, a sheet or any other item when you need it.

Fortunately, you can get rid of this mess with some creativity. Here is a step-by-step guide for organising your linens.


Before anything, gather all your towels, sheets, pillow covers and other items. Then, sort them into two piles – valuable items and disposable items. You’re likely to find that most things taking up space in your closet are no longer useful.

Instead of trying to squeeze a towel you no longer like into your wardrobe, donate it to charity. It’s much easier to organise a closet if you’re dealing with fewer items.

Apply Lining to Your Shelves

Some wooden and melamine shelves can discolour your precious linen over time. The best way to avert such damage is by lining the shelves. This simple measure ensures your towels and sheets keep their original look for many years.

Clean Your Linen before Storing

Surprisingly, some people tuck away their linen without cleaning. Dirty sheets and towels are uncomfortable and prone to pathogens, mould, and fungi. Even worse, they can cause embarrassment when issued to guests.

Ensure that your linen is clean before storage. You can go further and iron them before folding to prevent wrinkling.

Categorise Your Linen

Once your towels and sheets are dry, you need to categorise them. You can group the items by location, size, or type. For example, if you have distinct sheets for every bedroom in your house, it’s best to sort by location. Otherwise, you can cluster them according to size or type.

When sorting, keep similar items in clusters before splitting them into smaller categories. For instance, all towels should be put together before separating them into face towels, beach towels, etc. You don’t want a scenario where sheets are mixed up in towels or pillowcases.

Store Out-of-Season Linen Separately

If your wardrobe isn’t large enough to accommodate your linen collection, consider keeping some items in separate storage bags and bins.

Start by removing out-of-season linen, as there’s no need for keeping items you can’t use in your fitted wardrobe. For example, a heavy woollen duvet is useless during summer. Similarly, light sheets shouldn’t take up your precious space in winter since they’re inadequate for keeping you warm.

Keep It Fresh

The biggest enemies of an organised wardrobe are moths, mildew, and must. These annoying organisms can soil your clean linens and render them unusable.

Place a little baking soda on the closet floor to absorb unpleasant odours and keep your linens fresh. It’s also wise to invest in breathable storage bags. Throwing a few scented soaps on the shelves also keeps the sheets smelling fresh.

Please avoid using mothballs – despite their effectiveness, the balls are toxic to pets and humans. Instead, use cedar blocks.

Final Words

Spare yourself from the hustle of spending too much time searching for clean sheets and towels by implementing the abovementioned organisation tips. More importantly, invest in a quality storage option from Betta Wardrobes.

The company has a widespread reputation for developing durable, high-quality custom wardrobes in Sydney. Get in touch with the industry leaders in Wollongong today for the best wardrobe deal!

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