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Why Shower Screens Are Better Than Shower Curtains

Shower Curtains

You have a plain-old shower curtain as a pseudo door to your shower, but you’re thinking about making the change to a proper screen door. Especially if you have a walk-in shower, you must go with the glass doors over the curtain. But even if you have the tub-as-shower combo, there are several reasons why you’ll enjoy the screen door more. Let’s explore these:

The Look

You can’t deny the modern, sleek look of a glass screen shower door to freshen up your bathroom. The curtains, on the other hand, tend to have a hum-drum boring feel to them. Instead, the transparent glass adds brightness to the room and even makes it seem bigger. This visual illusion of extra space can be especially alluring for smaller bathrooms. Indeed, the screen door is the more elegant choice, and it can also accentuate other lovely materials in the bathroom, like marble or stone.

Not So Messy

Sometimes water seems to get everywhere during your shower experience with shower curtains. It spills out of the tub, and if you forget to properly place it on the inside, expect a mini flood. It’s a pain to clean it all up, not to mention, it’s also dangerous. Instead, a screen door seals the water inside where it can’t escape and mess up your bathroom.

Easy to Clean

When it comes to the glass doors, it’s very simple to use a squeegee directly after to wipe away excess water and avoid the creation of stains. There’s even a special coating available nowadays, called VitroGlaze, which prevents the build-up of mould and makes cleaning that much easier. Curtains, on the other hand, can’t really be cleaned well; you have to just chuck them out and continually buy new ones. This is also a tedious chore, and when you let it go too long, the curtains can get quite nasty and mouldy.


While shower curtains are cheaper upfront, they must be replaced often, so in the long-run, a shower’s screen door will save you money. They are known to be highly durable. Additionally, glass doors increase the value of your home so you can think fo them as an investment in that regard.


Believe it or not, shower curtains may be harmful to human health and also the environment. If made of vinyl materials, they contain polyvinyl chloride which releases toxins that cause all sorts of bodily afflictions, such as damages to vital organs. Young children can be extra sensitive to the ill-effects of these chemicals.

If you don’t yet have a shower screen, it may be the perfect opportunity to vamp up your bathroom space, without splurging too extravagantly. You’ll get just a taste of luxury though, like your home may as well be your very own resort! Plus you’ll save money, time and the headache of a messy, watery, or even grubby bathroom.

Among wardrobes, Betta Wardrobes Sydney offers shower screens made of top-notch materials, designed to last long. Shower screens are available in different styles and finishes, as well as framing options.

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