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Transform Your Linen Cupboard

Linen Cupboard

The linen cupboard is a space that is notoriously difficult to keep tidy. No matter how hard we try to keep it looking neat and presentable, our own linen cupboard never seems to resemble those present on the glossy pages of interior design magazines. If you’ve been wrestling with the eternal struggle of preventing your linen cupboard from becoming a messy mixture of towels and sheets, it’s time to implement some of these helpful tips to transform your linen cupboard.

1. De-clutter

Begin your transformation process by sorting through every item in your linen cupboard. If you come across anything that you don’t need or don’t use, get rid of it. Local opp shops and charity bins are great places to discard unused linen and pass it on to somebody who will actually benefit from it. Be ruthless in this process and don’t keep something because you might use it one day. Linen cupboards are difficult enough to keep tidy without having extra items squished in there.

2. Sort the contents according to category

When you are left only with the items you want and need to keep, it’s time to sort them properly. Make sure all sheets and pillowcases are together in complete sets. Do the same with towels and corresponding bathmats and wash cloths. Then group all of the same items together. Have a pile of sheet sets, a pile of bathroom sets, a pile of beach towels, a pile of blankets and so on. Begin adding these categories back into the cupboard, making sure to keep similar items together. This way it will be much easier to find what you are looking for. You won’t have to rummage through everything and mess up you neatly folded linen.

3. Use baskets to store items

A great way to keep your linen cupboard looking neat and tidy is to use baskets. Try straw, wire or even cloth baskets to create separate storage areas. You can allocate different groups of items to each one – master bedrooms sheet sets, guest bedroom sheet sets, towel sets, and whatever else you might need. This will make it extremely easy to access the item you require. Simply slide out a box and pull out what you need.

4. Add bags if required

If you run out of space for baskets or have other items that are awkward to store, try using cotton drawstring or space-saving bags. Things like spare pillows or duvets can be placed in these bags and then made to fit into awkward spaces in the cupboard. You want to utilize every corner of your linen cupboard and this isn’t always possible with rigid baskets. You can even purchase plastic vacuum bags, to save even more room.

5. Add labels

Once everything has a designated space, add labels to clearly indicate where each item belongs. It will make it easy to find things as well as put items away in the correct place.

6. Purchase an over-the-door rack

For additional items such as tablecloths and runners, it might be worth purchasing an over the door rack. The items can then be hung on it for easy access and storage.

If you are looking to upgrade your linen cupboard or are installing a new one, contact us at Betta Wardrobes. We specialise in custom wardrobes and will be able to tailor something that suits your requirements.

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