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Our Guide to Space-Saving in Small Bedrooms: 6 Useful Tips

space saving tips for small bedroom

Space. We all crave a sense of it in our busy lives. Our bedrooms are a place for us to retreat and escape to, and no matter how small your bedroom’s physical space is, these space-saving tips will help your room feel spacious, organised and calm.

1. Built in wardrobes and shelving

Built in wardrobes instantly add visual and financial value to any bedroom. If you have the luxury of customising your built in wardrobes with the help of a clever designer, you can ensure that all available space is put to good use. Storage should extend up to the ceiling and include hanging space, adjustable shelf heights and various sized drawers. You may also include features such as a built in study nook or desk. Sliding wardrobes allow for tighter furniture placement, while mirror wardrobes help make small spaces appear larger.

Custom shelving units create an elevated, organised and efficient storage solution for tight spaces. Building a wall of storage around your bed, incorporating a combination of concealed and display storage and bedside nooks, will extend your wardrobe space all while creating a visual statement – without encroaching on too much floor space.

2. Floating bedside tables

You shouldn’t have to scrimp on bedside tables because you have a small room. Wall-mounted bedside tables give you the convenience of a shelf (or even a floating drawer) without taking up precious floor space. Visually, being able to see the full length of the floor adds an instant sense of space to any room. Renting? Try a bedside caddy that attaches to the side of your bed, instead of to the wall.

3. Behind-the-door hanging space

The back of the door is an often neglected, yet very handy space, especially when storage or floor space is limited. Over-the-door or mounted hooks offer a tidy and convenient place to hang towels, robes, hats, coats, bags or even a feature garment to display. Inside your wardrobe, with the help of clever storage solutions such as adhesive hooks and vertical storage pockets, you can neatly and easily store items such as shoes, jewellery or scarves and ties.

4. Be smart about your bed

Choose a bed that has underneath storage space, concealed drawers or hydraulic lifts. This will allow you to store shoes, excess bedding and linens or other items of your choosing. Consider loft beds, bunk beds or Murphy beds to further maximise space.

5. Use vertical space

Think vertically. Choose storage tubs that are stackable, add extra shelving, place infrequently used items up high and use vertical hanging systems. Use pegboard to create boundless storage options on vertical spaces.

6. Purchase furniture that has a double duty

Look for pieces that have multiple uses and decorative pieces that have a function too. Examples include desks that can be used as side tables, mirrors with shelving or hooks, seats with built in storage etc.

With these space-saving tips, your small bedroom will be a delightfully organised oasis. Betta Wardrobes is here to help you create highly functional and beautiful wardrobe and storage solutions. Contact us today.

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